Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So I'm sure most of you know about my little Instagram incident. Somebody going by the name of Avery Thomason (who knows if that was actually their real name), had stolen over fifty of my pictures and was using them to pose as me. I was FURIOUS. I found out because I received a message from someone telling me to "stop stealing Avery's photo's".... so I checked this girl out. She blocked me, so I couldn't see what she had uploaded. Luckily my awesome friends commented on EVERY picture and reported the account, eventually leading to it being taken down. It wouldn't have bothered me as much if she didnt have almost 4000 people following her, thinking she was me. She has multiple "fan clubs" (also using my pictures.) She She also has a twitter and who knows what else, posing as me. was using my disease and my battle to try to get attention from celebrities.. specifically the girls on the tv show Dance Moms. I've fought way too damn hard to have my identity stolen by someone who has nothing better to do than seek attention. I'm so grateful that her account has been taken down, but I am still saddened by the fact that she got so much credit and support for a battle she isn't even fighting. And let me tell you, Avery, it's a hard battle. 

In brighter news.... I won a contest for the Ellen show! There is a weekly winner. People enter pictures of themselves or their friends or family wearing The Ellen Store, and the best picture each week wins a $100 shopping spree to www.ellenshop.com and is also entered into a new contest where one of the weekly winners gets two free tickets to the Ellen Show on her 12 Days of Giveaways! So exciting! 

That's all for now... just hoping my counts are high enough for chemo this Friday.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today I finished my very last doxorubicin (red devil) chemo. Now I only have THREE MORE to go!! They are all methotrexate. I have one more in September and the final two in October and then I am DONE! Please pray that my counts hold up so that we do not have any more delays! I am ready to finish!

In other news, I'VE GAINED 15 POUNDS. I am so proud of myself! My appetite lately has been amazing, even without the appetite pills! I feel so good, and my leg and hip are getting a lot stronger. I can almost walk without even limping now!

I also ask that you please pray that I don't get any infections while my counts are shot down this time. The past two chemo's have caused me to get an infection, putting me in Mission hospital for days. And honestly, I HATE IT THERE. So please please pleeease pray that I stay healthy!!

I am currently in the process of designing t-shirts for kids with cancer. All of the proceeds that I make will go to different cancer charities, like Stand Up To Cancer, etc. I will post a picture of the design when I have it ready, they should be really cool (:

Please continue to keep Corey Fish in your prayers. I had the pleasure of getting to visit him today. He is working very hard in physical therapy and is working towards being able to walk. He wants to come home more than anything! So send those prayers flyin' that Mr. Fish can return home soon!!

Lately I've been feeling God's presence in my life more than ever before. I know that he is healing me, physically and spiritually. I was once angry with him. Always thinking why me?  Throughout this experience though, I have come to completely understand that this disease is no punishment, but rather, a blessing. I have such a better outlook and perspective on my life now. I make sure to enjoy every single day, and never take anything too seriously. I know what my purpose here on Earth is now, & without this experience, I may have never known. God works in mysterious ways.

One last thing! I have received endless amounts of gifts, cards, and money from people who I have never even met before! I want to thank everyone for being so selfless and amazing and generous. I have been looking for opportunities to give back to my amazing community, but I haven't really come across anything yet. I want to volunteer, do SOMETHING, to return the love that everyone has shown me. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Buy the song "Ronan" by Taylor Swift on itunes, the proceeds will go to SU2C.

                                                   Thank you and God bless you all!!