Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sad news tonight. The girl whose blog inspired me to start mine, Alice Pyne, has passed away today after a lengthy and heroic fight against cancer. She was sixteen. She was one of my biggest inspirations throughout my fight. Her blog, "Alice's Bucket List", received attention worldwide. She created a bucket list when she found out she was terminal. She encouraged countless people to sign up to be bone marrow donors. She raised tons of money for research. Her bucket list was completely selfless. Even though she didn't live a long life, she lived a very meaningful one and definitely made a huge different in the cancer world and the real world. Now she has her wings and is resting in paradise for eternity!

On a brighter note, I got baptized this morning and became an official member of my church. I am so g;ad that I made the choice to do so. I feel God changing my heart and working in my life every single day. I made a promise to Him, myself, my church, and the world that I will live my life for him and run away from my sins. Such a great feeling!

Hope everyone has a great week.

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