Saturday, February 9, 2013

All clear!

Lots of good news this weekend. I went to Duke for my follow up scans, and received the phone call last that that I remain cancer free! I love going back to Duke because I get to visit the doctors and nurses who became my family while I was sick. My absolute favorite thing about Duke is that I never felt like I was going to the doctor. I felt like I was just going to hang out and catch up with my friends. I love telling my doctors and nurses about all the new and exciting things going on in my life, and I also love hearing about what's new in their lives! Going back to see my Duke family is always a good time.

I also went on my first college tour today. And of course... I toured Duke (: I fell in love with the campus. I learned so much more about the place that I basically lived for an entire year of my life! As of now it is most definitely my top choice school. Every day I get more and more excited for my future as a doctor. (Surgeon, to be specific...thanks Grey's Anatomy.) I have an internship coming up next month at MedWest. I'm not sure which department yet, but I requested the ICU. I want to work somewhere other than a cancer ward since, well... I already know way more than I want to about cancer (for now.)

That's about it for me. Oh! I'm going to a cancer survivor summit in Las Vegas for young adults.... so I'll tell you guys all about that! Maybe... I mean, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Thanks for reading! This blog officially has over 10,000 views in many different country! You all are the best.