Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What happens in Vegas...

Last weekend I got to experience one of the most amazing trips of my entire life. I traveled to Las Vegas to go to OMG 2013, which is a cancer summit for young adult survivors put on by Stupid Cancer. It was absolutely incredible... I don't even know where to begin. There were over 400 cancer survivors there who attended various classes, exhibits, and ceremonies throughout the entire weekend. We all stayed at Palms Casino, which became a gathering place for baldies and girls with pixie cuts.... It. Was. Awesome.

I met soooo many people with amazing stories, including a few people who had the same cancer as I did. I felt like the people that I just met understood me better than people I've known my entire life. Cancer is a very hard thing to understand and relate to unless you've been through it yourself. Young adults are the "overlooked" group of cancer patients. It seems all of the focus is on childhood cancer and adult cancer, which is great, but teenagers and young adults are so often forgotten about. That's why we were all so grateful to have a place where we could all go and share stories about treatment. Usually when you tell someone you had cancer, they say something like "Oh my god I am so sorry." but here when you tell someone you had cancer, the response was "ME TOO WHAT KIND?!"... it was such a welcoming atmosphere.

I learned a lot in the two short days I was there... (had to leave a little early for prom!). I learned about healthy living and developments in research and everything in between, but my favorite part was forming friendships that will definitely last a lifetime. The people I met have been through everything you could ever imagine, but they are all still thriving. It was so inspiring and I will no doubt be attending OMG every year!

Oh, and I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog lately. Trying to finish out my busy junior year! We have over 11,000 blog views!



  1. I just stumbled across your blog. Nice to meet you, Jackie!